Why Choose Us

Our service seamlessly integrates Google Shopping with Magento, handling all aspects from extension installation to configuration.

We expertly set up your Merchant Center, customize shipping options, and create tailored feed profiles.

With our comprehensive approach, your Magento store achieves optimal synergy with Google Shopping, maximizing sales potential effortlessly.

How Aussie Websites Connects Your Google Shopping With Magento

Our Google Shopping management includes:

Install a Google Shopping Extension:

Install XTENTO Magento 2 extension that integrates with Google Shopping.

After installation, Configure settings such as feed generation frequency, attribute mapping, and automatic submission.

Set Up Google Shopping Feed Profiles:

Define feed profiles within the extension settings, specifying attributes and formatting for your product data feed.

Ensure that your feed and products complies with Google's requirements.

Connect Magento 2 to Google Merchant Center:

Generate SFTP credentials within your Google Merchant Center account to connect for auto upload

Generate your product data feed and Upload this feed to your Google Merchant Center account.

Set Up Merchant and Configure:

Sign up for a Google Merchant Center account if you haven't already. This is where you'll manage your product data feed.

Shipping setup is excluded and will be quoted seperately

Choose Our Magento Google shopping Packages

Implementing Google Shopping feed streamlines your e-commerce presence, maximizing product visibility and potential sales. By structuring product data into a feed format compatible with Google Merchant Center, businesses ensure seamless integration with Google Shopping ads. This strategic approach optimizes online retail efforts, enhancing reach and driving conversions effectively.

Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed Package
  • Create a Google Merchant Center Account
  • Install XTENTO Google Shopping Extension
  • Configure Extension Settings
  • Set Up Google Shopping Feed Profiles
  • Connect Magento 2 to Google Merchant Center
  • Upload Product Data Feed to Google Merchant Center

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using Google Shopping with Magento 2?

Integrating Google Shopping with Magento 2 enhances product visibility, increases traffic to your store, and boosts sales by displaying your products prominently in Google search results and ads.

How do Aussie Websites optimize my product listings for Google Shopping in Magento 2?

Aussie Websites will ensure you have accurate product titles, detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and competitive pricing. Utilize relevant keywords and attributes to improve search visibility.

What are the benefits of using Aussie Websites for my Google Shopping and Magento integration?

With Aussie Websites, you can expect expert guidance throughout the integration process, ensuring optimal configuration for maximum visibility and sales on Google Shopping. Our team handles all technical aspects, saving you time and effort.

Can Aussie Websites customize the integration to suit my specific business needs?

Yes, Aussie Websites offers tailored solutions to align with your unique business requirements. Whether it's customizing feed attributes, optimizing shipping settings, or implementing advanced features, we ensure a personalized integration experience.

How long does it take to set up Google Shopping with Magento through Aussie Websites?

The timeline for integration depends on various factors such as the complexity of your Magento store, the extent of customization required, and data feed optimization. Aussie Websites strives to deliver efficient and timely integration services.

How do I get started with Aussie Websites to integrate Google Shopping with my Magento store?

Simply reach out to Aussie Websites to discuss your integration needs and goals. Our team will guide you through the process, provide a tailored solution, and initiate the integration to kickstart your journey to Google Shopping success.